About Me

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Having been introduced to computers at 18 months by my father, I have always had an affinity for them and how they work. At the age of ten I started learning VB6 along with some HTML and CSS and, as a result, discovered my passion for programming.

Since then I have been doing various projects, both for myself and freelance work for clients I have had. These projects include:

Whenever I get faced with a project to do, I always like to make sure that I use the best tool for the job. If I find that I have to use a tool I have never used before, I commit to learning how to use it so that I can produce the best results. This has helped by providing me with a wide variety of tools I can potentially use, including:

I am always ready to pick up a new language or concept and learn it though if necessary.

When I am not programming, I enjoy playing guitar and serving at my local church, where I recently served doing a gap year programme that is offered by the church called Life Team. I also really enjoy photography and love to go out and take photos when I get the chance. Graphic design is also something I’ve always been interested in and I enjoy doing it occasionally when I get the opportunity to.

I am currently working a full-time job at Mercury FX International as a software developer and am studying a BSc in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics part-time at UNISA